lua teacher?

Im looking for some one to help teach me lua please post back if your willing:zoid:

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That has everything you will ever need to know about Lua.
It is the best teacher.

well the problem is im a visual learner looking for some one to like teamview with me etc

If you’re paying, try the Lua Scripters Hire Thread, if you’re not, good luck. I doubt anybody will donate hours and hours of their time to sombody so they can create another DarkDM. It takes about a year to master the ability to create a proper gamemode, By you’re grammar, I’m guessing your not old enough to take the proper time to do this.

Anyway, so gotta be optomistic, lua hire thread, find a scripter.

I recommend learning from here,
Use as a reference and learn at your own pace. Someone will most likely ask you for money to teach you.

Irony, but otherwise good points.

Books are very visual. It requires you to use your vision and read (learn). You should have no problem!

$25 and I will tutor you to the point I’m at, as in I will teach you everything I know.

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I will do it on teamviewer or any other platform that you are comfortable with as well.

You can get this far by just reading Lua pil chapter one

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