lua teachers?

really hate to seem like an idiot but i need someone who can teach the basics of lua, need it for a class in school. (just send us directions, examples, stuff like that) on the basics, btw your teaching 15 and 16 year olds, so dont be suprised if were slow to get the concept

not going to happen, atleast not for free, sorry.

meh, i figured. not really gonna be horribly disappointed.

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although having someone to teach the basics would be alot better than some stupid video

i know, ive already showed it to the rest of them but at the same time an actual person to help us with what we dont understand (sorry if im being picky)

PM me anything you don’t understand, or any questions, and I’ll try and help :slight_smile:

yes!ok thanks, lol were definitly gonna have questions