lua to connect to MySql Database?

I just want to know what do i use? SQLlite or something like that i heard?

and if there’s a reference for it somewhere on the forums? Or is it just like normal mysql and i dont have to type anything different to get the same result

Last question. for ULX where is the user groups located at? Such as guest, vip, admin, superadmin, owner.

Thank you :]

Any of those

MySql is not integrated into garrysmod by default.

You will need to manually install a module that supports mysql as seen in the post above.

You will also need LibMySql.dll for most MySql modules to work installed in your root directory.

ULX usergroups can be located in your data folder by default under the ulib or ulx directory.

Example’s for Module’s
Witch should be in your:: Garrysmod/Garrymod/lua/includes/modules
libmysql.dll Should be YOURNAME/Garrysmod Folder There were hl2 is.

Here is an example how you connect your server to your Database…
I’ll recommend, it’s free and very good. If the place you’re host doesn’t support Database’s
Name: “sv_configuration.lua”.
Product: “Cider (Roleplay)”.

cider.configuration[“MySQL Host”] = “”; – The host that your MySQL database is located.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Username”] = “gameguysz”; – The username that you log into MySQL with.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Password”] = “gameguyszcupcake”; – The password that you log into MySQL with.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Database”] = “gameguyszcider”; – The name of the database that we’ll be using.
cider.configuration[“MySQL Table”] = “players”; – The name of the table where the player data is stored.[/lua]
You don’t need Player’s to anything

I don’t have any idea how to connect ulx with that, this is just and example.

Im using Xenon servers to host and they have mods to install for mysql the is gm_MySqlv7 (OO)…

Will that work?

And cider? Isnt that a gamemode ive seen that around. Im using DarkRP

That’s not how you connect to SQL, that’s just cider config files. Cider sucks, don’t bother with it. DarkRP isn’t the greatest gamemode around, but you can learn syntax by screwing around with it. I’ve only ever used tmysql, but I hear MySQLOO is very good too, it’s the same SQL syntax anyways.

How will i use it with ULX?

You will have to code it. :3

nexusowner you forgot to remove your database login information.


lol well can someone atlease tell me the ULX file i will have to place the mysql stuff in :] where does the users get there groups inserted?

You are going to learn lua before you will be able to do this unless you have someone else do it for you.

What are you talking about, it was an Example…

I got it dont worry and no i didnt need to know a lot of lua. once i found what i was looking for i got everything to work. But thanks though