Lua toolgun error after save?

Sorry guys, another dumb question from Jon, but I’ve got another problem. (I’m sick of how unstable this bloody game is now!)

I have two rather important saves, but when I load them up, I get LUA error spam when using the tool gun:

weapons\gmod_tool\shared.lua.150 : attempt to call method ‘GetInfo’ (a nil value)

The tool gun is totally dead, and Adv Dupe menu is blank, and I can’t even apply ANYTHING with the toolgun. I can’t see any solution. Have I lost the saves?

Saves don’t work.


Saves in gmod have been unstable for years now. One should never rely upon them. The advanced duplicator, which you have, is a much preferable alternative. Unfortunately, I believe you have indeed lost these saves.

Have you tried suicide?
In game, that is.

Wait-WHAT? Just kidding.

That worked. Thanks. Sorry again for being such a nooblet :stuck_out_tongue: