Lua Virus Vac Ban?

I just thought of a major flaw in the higher security vac.

Couldn’t someone make a lua virus that gets you vac’d on gmod?

They could just make the server download a detected module (I was told deco is detected, don’t know if this is true but there has to be others, even a custom made module that is made to be detected) download a module to load the detected module and then get you vac’d?


And how do you plan on getting said dll onto the client?

I’ve read about servers downloading lua modules onto clients that fuck with your game.

I.e. the “Do you want to crash this server” virus from a while ago from the you will be spawnkilled server

That’s a bind, not a Lua module :downs:

Oh lol, I didn’t know that. You can call me stupid :slight_smile:

Also flap, why was your main Facepunch account banned?
Just wondering, is your private version of faphack detected?

This was just an attempt at an excuse to get Garry to bring it back down so I feel safe to use Sethhack again. Seth said so far no sethhackers were banned, but I’m not risking it

I trolled Zoey by posting some pictures of transvestites. And yes. I’ll probably get banned within a week or two.

Seth’s been banned for SethHack, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t be.

.dll and/or .exe can only be spotted and banned

.lua files cannot.

What happens if rogue .dll files are uploaded onto a server which makes them downloaded by users, eh?

ergh read here mr apple if you got questions about this

Thanks mate.

The server can’t.

I can’t wait for the next server to client exploit that shows up, someone hacks a popular server (or fakes a server with a lot of players), gets deco on ever person that connects, gets a different dll to load deco, and then ban a couple hundred people. And knowing Valve they wouldn’t unban people. Remember the timed golden wrench? They vac’d people for “exploiting” when a person just found out how the system works and told others.

Drunkengoldfish or w/e his name was, an employee of Valve gave him the list of times the wrenches would drop.