Lua virus?

Every once in a while, my ‘W’ bind changes to “+forward;lua_run_cl RunString(file.Read(string.char(119,105,114,101,117,46,116,120,116)))–”. The code at the end tells it to execute the Lua code in the data\wireu.txt file. That file’s contents can be found at (The file wasn’t double-spaced; don’t know why it pasted that way.)

What’s this supposed to do? And how can I stop my binds from always changing? Thanks.

Check out this page of the DarkRP thread. Some guy has the same problem as you-

Just read through it. Also this is just a result of a quick google search so next time try to google it first.

If it’s a Lua virus, cleaning your Gmod should solve it.

This is a question answered in the FAQ, please read that next time.