Lua virus?

A few days ago I was on steam, and wanted to build something on gmod, I opened up gmod, but to my surprise the background changed into a city 17 civilian with a phys gun and a toolgun. I though that some kind of update downloaded itself when I’m not looking, but the weirst part is when ever I try to join any server at all, I get a “server is full” message EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I joined a server with 14/32 people in it, clicked “view server info” 14 people. pressed join, and the message is still there. Is this some kind of fucked up virus or something?

Lua doesn’t have that much control over GMod in the menu environment.

this happens to me too
sometimes, it means that EVERY SINGLE slot in a server is reserved
also, the new backround is a update, i had it when i joined