Lua virus?

Okay, i installed the 113 addons pack:, i created a single-player game. It was really cool. I tried to sprint in noclip, but i tried to sprint in noclip but I fell down and got a message up on screen: You have to wait 1 second before you can get up? Anyone have the same problem? This also happens when i fall down from high buildings…

How is that a virus.

Probably a tool to prevent you from spamming/noclip striking.

I don’t know.

No it’s not i downloaded the file all the file has in it was.


So it must of been something else you downloaded.

It's not a lua virus, you just downloaded [RagMod](

You can configure it not to do that by playing around with some of its rm_ console commands.
Just copy/paste everything in the box below into console, and you should be good.
Alternatively, you could just uninstall RagMod if you want.

**rm_rag_onfall 0;**
rm_rag_ondamage 0;
**rm_rag_onspeed 0**

(The bolded ones are the ones you seem to be having trouble with.)