LUA vs SourcePawn (SourceMod)

I’m just wondering what the differences between using SourcePawn and GMod LUA is for GMOD.

I haven’t seen much of a difference in functionality and I found LUA many times more complex as it includes client side, server side, and shared and many other files rather then being all put in one or two sp files.

What the hell is your doing

f0rking an RP mod for HL2dm, porting it over to GMod and adding some extra goodies such as vehicles and locks.

Last I checked, you can’t even run SourceMod in GMod. You could back in GMod 12.

Gmod LUA seems over complicated. I don’t understand why there needs to be a shared, client-side, and server-side files when you can do it all in one sp file. I guess you can only spawn car entities and other GMod things with LUA.


SourceMod has been broke for GM13, and will likely not be fixed anytime in the near future due to all the updates we get. Not to mention, GMod Lua does 99% of what you can do with SourcePawn just as well or better.

I wouldn’t let the supposed difficulty of something drive you away from it.

SourceMod is very limited and isn’t being expanded, while there are more and more lua functions coming each update and there are already way more things you can do in lua that you can’t do in SP