Lua wheel (AKA everything you ever wanted from a wheel ie: Grip)

No bounce as there are no polygons to bounce on, and no sinking if you have to much torque. Realistic grip, endless possibility’s so on and so forth.

Here is a release to the contraptions thread.

Its the wheel2 Stool which appears in a tab at the bottom of the wire menu.

All credit goes to Satri-Ali as all of this is his work.

Enjoy having much more realistic wheels in garry’s mod.

make sure you no-collide the wheel to your whole contraption as it has a much larger radius of collision than you might expect as it draws an invisible sphere, not a wheel sized cylinder.

Gonna try this shit.

The wheel works amazingly for engine powered vehicles. I used the little PHX black tires and got around 40 mph with excellent handling.

Protip: Place the wheels on a random prop, then remove that prop to use the wheels like conventional models.

Thought it was a good idea.:smug:

If your going to do that would have preferred if you asked to be honest. Also, you gave no credit to Satri.

Why couldn’t satri post it?

I haven’t been able to talk to him in about 3 years except on two occasions unfortunately. Kinda miss him, but i felt this was an important addition to contraption building so i decided to share it.

He said very clear “All credit goes to Satri-Ali as all of this is his work.”, now why didn’t you put in Satri-Alis creds in that thread post?

It is awesome, to bad its not just a tool you can shoot any wheel with and make it work. It has fixed the one problem i have had with gmod the entire time i have been playing.

Since this tool is so awesome, someone who knows lua could try modifying it so that you can turn normal prop wheels into wheels 2’s. I don’t know if it would work but it would be a lot easier since everybody uses e2 or engines to spin wheels.

How does this fare with dupe and multiplayer? You forgot to specify those.

This looks neat, but does it handle grip realistically? What about feedback to a suspension? Does it overcome the rotational limits? Does it look natural?

updated. Just forgot.

Its fucking awesome, acceleration and grip from the wheels is great. They are so smooth on take off that they dont even seem like a wheel tool. Grip is incredible as well, i made a little 4x4 chassis and it will try to climb anything. reminds me of the acf engine tanks.

Dupeing works perfectly for me with both advanced dupe and Tbdupe. Sestze says he will add the tool to GGG so we will find out about multiplayer soon i reckon.

I made a video showing how it works, gonna upload it to youtube soon.

tried the wheels out, they’re fantastic. only issue is the rotational limit, but that can’t really be gotten around

By rotational limit do you mean G’mods/sources build in speed limiter?

…But the rotational limit can actually be reached with these wheels while still retaining grip and stability. You should be able to use a few lua codes to increase the speed and angular velocity limits with no problem, though.

Video of my car that uses the tool (wheel powered)

One Idea to increase handling at high speeds is to use down-force. Put some ailerons on the rear and front wheels, spoilers to put it short. That was something that was impossible with the model wheels as they would just sink into the ground. Now though, you can use down-force with no hitches.