Lua, where to start?

Hello, i really much want to learn Lua, but i have some questions and that. Should i learn another programming language before going to Lua, where do i learn Lua? Should i try to convert Gmod 12 addons to Gmod 13 or just start making a custom script? - Thanks.

Lua is a pretty independent coding language. You don’t have to know any other languages to succeed in Lua, however, if you do know some; then you may have some basics already down for functions that are universal( i.e. For Loop )

There are plenty of resources ready to help you learn Lua:
Here for Starters as it has tutorials for Scripting in general.
Of course, the Garry’s Mod Wiki.
Youtube Tutorials

When I was learning lua, I actually did reverse engineering. I took an advanced script and looked at every line to see how it worked and gradually taught myself that way.

That helped me too, man.

But yeah! Go to all of the links Gregs provided, and it’ll get ya started. Good luck man.

My experience with lua started off by just dissecting little bits and pieces of the GMod code, like entities and such. After that, you get a bit more familiar with the special functions in GLua.

Thanks very much:D