Lua working with Mapping

Hi, i need your help ok i want to make a map that works with lua so like if you were admin you could open a sorn door and if you were a player you can’t open that door .if you get what i meen or like then the timer = 10 then the water level gos up please help me.

Let me try to help rephrase what I think he means.

He wants an admin-only door, through which no players can open. If they do, there will be a 10 second timer and when it hits 0, the water level in the room will rise, killing the player.

lol ty you but the timer and the water is soming else its not to do with the door

Make a brush entity that triggers if player isn’t an admin.

Okay, then, well I’m not sure what the timer and the water are for then. But if you to do what the above poster said then you need no lua.

As far as I’m aware, you can’t do that without Lua.

Well there is a lua_run entity available. Could it not be setup with inputs and outputs to control these things?

Couldn’t you use logic entities provided for source mappers?

You can’t check if someone’s admin with those.

You can always make your own SEnts.

Yes, which brings us back to the point Lua is required to do this.

It says nowhere what he needs the map for. If it’s for his own server, then he can add it. If it’s for a mod (Flood?) then he’ll have to use the lua_run entity.

Or you could use the fancy FGD file system, and incorporate your SENTs into the map that way.