If you have read the Wiki, and lots of tutorials and still don’t understand simple lua, then maybe programming of any sort is not for you.


isn’t it just.

That’s probably because you haven’t been introduced to the basics of programming (especially in Lua/Gmod). If asked, could you explain any of the following terms to me?

Variable and local variables
If/Then statement
For statement
While loop

Can i explain them?

Hmm wait i don’t know what an object is…

Table is a list of values

Variables are global X = “pie”
Local variables are only in where there defined eg : local pie = “x”

String is what my variables are above.

Entity is like the props. Lol i don’t know the technical word. But it can be an effect, weapon ,entity … Like umm… A watermelon. I Can’t explain it…

if x == “pie” then
local pie2 = “x”

for k,v in pairs (player.GetAll()) do
ply.Pie = “x”

while pie == “x” do


(Not sure about the last one. I don’t use them often.)


You gave the variable “name” three values, that won’t work. What you need to do is give name the value of whatever a player’s name is (I think you would use Player.GetName), then if it meets one of those names it will play the message.

You may also need to put in a return false or a return true statement for if none of those values show up for name. In C++ it’s that way at least, but I don’t know for sure on lua.

Have you considered learning a better documented and transferable language, such as JavaScript? It can be quite helpful for getting programming knowledge before attempting to learn a language that all official documentation of which assumes you are a hardened programmer.