lua_find bug?


i apologize for the title, i couldnt think of a summary that would accurately describe it.

i found out that you can run lua_find on the client and it will output to the dedicated server console. i guess thats what it should do? but maybe lua_find should be restricted to the server only?

you can also still run lua_find and lua_find_cl both on the client when sv_allowcslua is off. i know the 2 commands are unrelated but i just thought i would post this anyway.

This is best suited for

but is it actually a bug?

Seems like a useful console command. It only works if IsAdmin( ) returns true…

Well, since it is admin only command it kinda isn’t a bug ( I thought any user could do this ), but I guess I should restrict lua_find to server only.

oh right i thought it was any user as well. in that case this is sort of a void thread then.