This was mentioned somewhere in the engine update thread at some point, but I don’t know if it was ever resolved.

The lua_md5 command should show the md5 of connected clients’ clientside lua, no? And in theory if script enforcer is active, then everyone should have the same hash? If so, then something weird is going on, since my server has it enabled, and this is the output…

1 37 c99c7f70bd3cc59d9f68a0eee4105dc2 Paces.Derp
2 3 2e5f48c8add31405ee34c10b131b6456 ($>)PX GSR
3 4 2e5f48c8add31405ee34c10b131b6456 (#>) Mr. Wolf
4 44 2e5f48c8add31405ee34c10b131b6456 Bandit Kitteh
5 38 19a1db605cce5b31e047e8bc950c1514 Jesus
6 17 2e5f48c8add31405ee34c10b131b6456 Dr. Riku :3
7 8 2e5f48c8add31405ee34c10b131b6456 Stera
8 42 28689c06d64d0d3d586de9c6eed375bf -]FOD[- Android
9 10 28689c06d64d0d3d586de9c6eed375bf RussianConspiracyTheory?
10 30 c99c7f70bd3cc59d9f68a0eee4105dc2 tylergishere
11 12 19a1db605cce5b31e047e8bc950c1514 Problem Sleuth
12 15 28689c06d64d0d3d586de9c6eed375bf Xeno (Katana the Spartan)
13 23 2e5f48c8add31405ee34c10b131b6456 (>)PsychoticCole
14 39 28689c06d64d0d3d586de9c6eed375bf -Mr.Smurf-
16 28 c99c7f70bd3cc59d9f68a0eee4105dc2 Dr.Hax
17 21 19a1db605cce5b31e047e8bc950c1514 iTz_SwisheƦŠweeŦϾϿ
18 22 3c6097a72c698f1d23a5c2254b211e8d Trigger_Trap
19 34 01c7e2eafe67e7e1fe7f313d3ce9cb6c SteveMcJagger
20 26 9f0cd8d5e6bee0389b25c3428db4bc96 ($>) Kruel Kramer
21 36 c99c7f70bd3cc59d9f68a0eee4105dc2 Shadowspeaker37
22 32 28689c06d64d0d3d586de9c6eed375bf DEλTHWING
24 40 2e5f48c8add31405ee34c10b131b6456 ($>)Big John

Delete all of the default addons on your server. ( The ones in the GCF )

That’s not the point. The point is that if script enforcer is enabled, regardless of the clientside addons, shouldn’t they all be the same? Or does this just take an md5 of all their scripts, regardless of if they are used?

Yes, garry broke them badly, remove the default addons and they will work

Remove the default addons. We’re not lying.

But won’t they automatically be added back in once the server does a steam update? Should they be deleted every steam update then?

You’ll need to re-delete them.

Can’t someone’s MD5 be off if they have a dll module installed as well? (such as gm_bass etc.)

I’m not 100% sure, but I think binary modules don’t change MD5. Lua modules do though.

They do, but only when required. And you can’t if scriptenforcer is enabled, without bypassing it.

@OP: MD5’s are extremely inconsistent in ZS, because as soon as you remove the default addons, things start to fuck up. You’re not going to achieve much by enabling scriptenforcer, so write yourself a custom anticheat that doesn’t rely fully on the MD5.

MD5 hashes of the Lua state are generated by parsing every Lua file ran. Thus, binary modules do not affect the hash.

@FlapJack The main reason why I have script enforcer enabled was to disable things like custom HUD’s which it seems to work well for. I was just curious about the MD5 inconsistencies, and recalled a post in the Engine Update thread about it.

It’s an easy fix. Garry should just load the default addons straight from the gcf, and not contribute it to the md5.