**Now down to business. I have taken the original lua_reloadent made by tomylobo and fixed it for the beta.

Commands are as follows:
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lua_reloadent(_sv or _cl optional)
for reloading currently existing entities

lua_loadent(_sv or _cl optional)
for loading currently unloaded entities


Link to workshop page here

I love this tool, it has been my beloved for a while :slight_smile:

Actually this tool is pretty useless, since the lua_reloadents takes a lot less time then it used in GMod 12. (Unless you have shitload of entities) But I am sure some may find this useful.

well ents_reloadall leaks a ton of memory IIRC

Ok, I am confused or I am not getting something… There is already a lua_reloadents built into GMod 13/12, is there not?

it leaks memory

Out of curiosity, this has or has not been suggested to Garry for a fix?

well I’d assume garry would’ve fixed it when he added it (if possible), but I’m not sure

This tool brings more than just reloading entities, it also loads entities, something which would have been inherently obvious to you if you read the OP. Also, lua_reloadents still isn’t as fast as using this to reload one entity.

Yes there is, but it’s slow, and I like to reload my single entity because it’s faster.

OOOOOOOOH. So yours is for only 1, rather than all of them… Nifty.

Of course reloading one entity is way faster then reloading all of them, but still it is taking maximum of 1-2 seconds if you have REALLY a lot of entites. And lua_reloadents does load new entities.

1-2 seconds is still 1-2 seconds slower than instantly, which converts to 1-2 seconds you could be working on the entity, multiply that by the amount of times i typically reload an entity when working on it (anywhere from 20-80) and then you are saving minutes of your time.

I don’t remember you mailing or PMing me for permission to upload this to Steam Workshop…
Steam Workshop legal agreement isn’t quite compatible to some open source licenses, namely GPL and LGPL (in my opinion)

back when I put this on google code, I knew nothing about licenses and I simply picked the one at the top of the alphabet: Apache License
Are you sure you didn’t breach that license by uploading to Steam Workshop?

Anyway, I have since moved to GitHub, put it under the LGPL-derived SpoutDev license and fixed it for gmod 13 beta.

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apparently apache license is very permissive.
still, would have been nice to be asked

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last time i checked, lua_reloadents also breaks some entities
same might be true for lua_reloadent, but at least it doesn’t break entities you’re not even working on :slight_smile: