Heya all, I’ve been lurking the forums for a few days and decided to register. I seem to have a quite funny problem. I noticed that whenever i “See” wire, I get a crapload of lua errors. I’ve got wire SVN’ed correctly for sure. Though I got suspicius when I noticed that the errors I got, were like this: “lua_temp\entities\gmod_wire_screen\cl_init.lua:21: attempt to index field ‘GPU’ (a nil value)” I started looking for this lua_temp folder, but avast, I found nothing. So the error must be from the game looking at a folder that isn’t created. I asked my friend if he had the folder, he had. This seems to be some kind of problem with the game not gaining acces to write the temp_lua folder. I have admin rights on my computer. I googled a little and noticed other people had similiar problems. I even tried to create the folder manually, but upon exiting the game, I noticed the folder had been removed.

lua_temp folder contains files of 0kb.

lua_temp only contains the structure of files downloaded - the actual files are contained in cache/<crc>.dua -in one massive 200-300kb file.

Ah, but should’t there still be a temp_lua folder?

Change your Steam language setting to English. There is a bug where the datapack (dua file) cannot be downloaded in a non-English language. It will be fixed in the next update, but until then you’ll need to use English as your language in Steam.

Oh yes, I heard about that bug. But sadly, my steam has always been english :frowning:


Problem solved by a total reinstall of garrys mod + restart. Nothing else seemed to help.