Luabee Beta - Drag and Drop Your Own Lua!

Luabee is an in-game editor which allows you to make Lua files by manipulating blocks in a simple graphic user interface.

Wait, What?:

◦ Drag and drop interface.

◦ Save and load Luabee block files.

◦ Export your block files to raw Lua.

◦ Run code on clientside, serverside, or shared.

◦ Execute code on the go.

◦ Sleek Windows-style layout.

◦ Full options menu.*

◦ File browser vgui

◦ Inline video tutorials.*

◦ Create scripts as simple or as complex as you want.

◦ FULL list of GLua functions.**

◦ Every function is documented within Luabee or taken from the wiki, complete with description, realm, and arg/return values.**

◦ Almost no limitations; if it can be done in Lua, it can be done in Luabee!

*Coming soon. **Some functions are undocumented or not working. There’s hundreds; cut me some slack.

Direct Link:




This video explains everything:

Bind a key (I use .) to “luabee” or run it in the console.

More video tutorials are planned.

Please note that black colored code blocks are taken off the official Garry’s Mod wiki. If they do not work it is because the wiki is incomplete.

Luabee takes time to download the wiki’s functions so give it like 5 to 10 minutes depending on internet speed to install the first time you use it. You can update Luabee manually with “luabee_wikiupdate” in the console and rejoining.

Luabee is unfinished and help from the community is appreciated.

If you want to help you can:
◦ Update the offical Garry’s Mod wiki.
◦ Make a pull request at the GitHub.

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looks nice let’s say looks verry nice well done keep this work up!
(dropbox link doesn’t work)

Nice job , Makes lua easyier for beginning users !
; D I hope this gets realeased pretty soon !

An original idea? I never knew such a thing existed.

Overall, looks sweet, gj.

Oh man that looks awesome, I actually know some Lua outside of Gmod, hopefully this will maybe motivate me to in the end, make some in Gmod.

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(Also yeah, download link is broken)

Fixed dropbox link.

this is nice. kind of reminds me of app inventor for android.

The name and logo makes it look childish.
Something like LuaSword or LuaKnight would be better.

You might have swords and knights in Sweden but here in ‘MERICA WE HAVE FUCKIN’ KILLER BEES.

I think that’s the point. Drag and drop environments are usually intended for children, and the bee in the logo doesn’t look very friendly. Looks as if it’s gonna kill me.

reminds me of a flash game maker I used to use

edit: found it

Very cool, this would be great for Lua beginners.

I thought you live in Canada :wink:

This would have been great when I didn’t know shit about lua

mmm nodegraphz


Added tutorial video to explain basic use.

Not sure if it’s an good idea to import this system in GMOD or not.

But that’s still a great yob !

Edit : Just tested it : OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod
Well, it was a good idea !

Edit 2 : Reminds me of Crysis 1 Sandbox FlowGraph system :dance:

This is like that scratch drag ‘n’ drop program that they taught us in ICT for the second last year of school…

Looks mint though, nice work

-snip- Question was answered in the OP, which I missed, apologies

Can you include button click functions inside Luabee or shall I print the code and after insert function.