New URL but its the same site with a new layout and some new features. The gmod syntax highlighting now allows you to click most functions and get a direct link to the wiki.

More info:

As I’ve always said, use it or don’t; I’m just re-making it available to everyone.

Added a code browser:

Oh no it’s Foszor!

Thanks for bringing it back!

I don’t really like the syntax highlighter. It looks like barely anything is highlighted.

Nice, but now make it auto-syntax check using luac5.1.exe :smiley:

Or the official GMod Lua help one:

Needs brighter colors?

Maybe make the bolding for line colors every fifth line or tenth line? It has a tiling effect when I look at it with it being every other.

Miles better than pastebin, though, thanks for reviving it.

Needs brighter colors, But otherwise great.

I’m bookmarking it.

These I can do. is better. Enjoy.

Syntax highlighting for keywords and functions is balls. Too yellow for being against a light background.

stop hatin’ my highlighting. also use the garry’s mod lua setting if you don’t like the colours.

Thank you Admin Kogitsune your comments will be taken into account and mayhaps even implemented by our dedicated team of specialists. fine for me.

Is there any particular reason the normal lua highlighting is different colors than the GM Lua colors?


Why do you guys keep bringing up your pastebin? ITT no one cares.

Because it’s better than yours and doesn’t have adverts I guess.

How is it better?