LuaDecrypter (Clientside/Shared Cache Extractor)

A friend and I made this with the intention of selling it somewhere until I realized how much of a cunt I’d be to charge for this fantastic tool. I’m sick of servers only being cool because of how much money someone’s mom gave them to spend on CoderHire Pointshop skins, and gigantic communities like 420.
*When it prompts you for a license, just enter anything you want. *Lost the original source code, so I made my license server return “true” for every key.

What it does
It decompresses Garry’s LZMA compression on clientside/shared lua cache files found in garrysmod/cache/lua.

This includes and is not limited to:
*Most SWEPs
*All UI/HUD elements
*Basically anything that shows something on your monitor (I.e. shitty pointshop skins)

A couple pictures

(my tray got in the way of the open button when using it to take the screenshot)

Download (because this contacts a PHP license script (, shitty AVs might give it a false positive)

As Bloodwave pointed out you need to fill in all available characters in the serial number, or the program thinks you entered a wrong serial.

I see more DMCA filings in the near future…:suicide:

On a more serious note stay the fuck away from Lua caches.

If someone uses this to look at the code in the gamemode I’m might eventually but probably wont run on a server and most certainly not release due to shittyness… God help them.

Last time I looked at it… I nearly went blind from how crappy it is.

“I’m too much of a cunt to sell it, so I’ll just release it publicly for everybody to have for free.”

Oh god…

Great… -_-

This whole project is just wrong. It will just ruin the uniqueness of servers if you can just steal their content.

“I’m sick of servers only being cool” You have a weird view of things don’t you? It is illegal to steal their scripts that they bought of CoderHire.

You don’t have access to serverside code, granted that can be reverse engineered if you know Lua.
This program’s purpose isn’t to steal from CoderHire – it’s to decompress cache files.

You have to post the source code if you want to avoid a ban.

Oh, that makes it all better then! I know there’s a lot of useful cases for decompressing someone else’s work!

Your only seeming reason to release or even make a thing like this with the intent of giving it away paid or unpaid, would be because ‘programming gmod isnt a real job everything should be free and public!!!’.

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Would it be possible for garry to store these compressed scripts in RAM?

It’s a non-obfuscated .NET program that uses the .NET library SevenZip, so it can be decompiled into pretty much source code :


hmm :

@OP: releasing this doesn’t combat : “I’m sick of servers only being cool because of how much money someone’s mom gave them to spend on CoderHire Pointshop skins (granted I was on CH myself), and gigantic communities like 420.” at all, nor is it a valid argument really.

Code to do this has also been released before.

idk man. Being able to look at others code is kinda useful for learning things, and as all the “good” code gets put on to CoderHire (seriously, how the fuck does some of that stuff sell?) it’s getting harder and harder to find actual resources to learn from. Especially as there are so few tutorials and the GMod wiki documentation is still incomplete or really vague.

Seeing as this won’t get the server files, it’s not like it’s the most harmful thing ever, most of the things that make servers “unique” have the important parts server-side after all. Besides, if you see someone running code you sold when they shouldn’t be, deal with it yourself, it’s your duty to protect your products after all.

It’s not my business how people use it, I’m just making the tool available.
Garry’s Mod cache files are just LZMA compression with “CAT” (yes the word cat) appended to the beginning. Anyone could write a basic program to do this in an hour.

Its the serverside code that’s got the important stuff usually.

I already assumed any client side work I did was in the hands of everyone the second it was transferred to the client. That still does not give you the right to just rip off someones work or their purchase.

Also, you make it sound like you just ripped the program off from someone else. Sounds like you just debugged the simple licensing system.
I would be afraid to run this on my computer, who knows what else this program does.

Just chose the first thing that popped into my head, he didn’t actually change that HWID SEED (seed to generate a unique hardware id off of for the licensing system) if you were wondering.

Regardless you decided to take it upon yourself to make a tool only useful for theft. How people use it is limited to one purpose, so you cannot unlink yourself from responsibility for it.

You said yourself this is to combat coderhired servers. That’s plain theft from the programmers making money by selling their work that you are explicitly encouraging.

You reference the 420 server, wanting people to steal their code… but 420 is already a mish mash of stolen code.

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So you’re just replicating the same problem.

I know.

Why does gmod store the files in the first place, doesn’t it download them every game join since its all one file now? I’m guessing it downloads them and once the client has finished connecting it reads the file to execute the code within.

Why not download it to RAM, execute, then remove from RAM?

Whats the point of doing the above all that would do is turn it into a game of cat and mouse, as soon as the code is sent to the client and ran on the client then its easily viewable no matter how you handle it.