LuaDecrypter v2 (Graphical Cache Decompressor)

The leading (and only) Garry’s Mod clientside cache decompressor. It decompresses Garry’s LZMA compression on clientside/shared lua cache files found in garrysmod/cache/lua. Let’s try to keep this thread on the topic of cache decompression this time :smile:.

This includes and is not limited to:

  • SWEPs
  • UI/HUD elements
  • Shared Lua Files
  • Anything that runs on the clientside

(the file decompressed in the video was from my local SRCDS server)

What’s new
Version two adds in some nice performance updates, transitions our binaries and source to GitHub, as well as fixes some bugs in the old version like the licensing system. Planning file names and other tweaks in version three.

Binary Download
Source Code

Oh here we go…

Fight fight fight fight

Also, why didn’t you just update your last thread?

Old thread got closed when it was derailed, I’ll be using this thread for all future releases.

Isn’t it like a rule that you’ll get banned for recreating a locked thread?

Anyways, looks good hopefully there won’t be fighting this time


We don’t need more kids able to steal CS Code.

Thank you for allowing more twelve year old skids to steal our (not so much) beautiful huds.

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I hope you die in a fire


wishing death upon someone because of a tool? grow up

>implying you’re not 12 years old

But in all seriousness, please don’t flame me for releasing an update to an already public tool.

The tool being public doesn’t mean it needs more publicity.

rip clientside/shared coderhire content

It isn’t a horrible tool. The intentions (hopefully) behind creating the tool were benign. The main issue is the negatives that, of course, come from any tool.

Take for example Wire, it can create amazing things in the hands of people who like to be creative, yet servers ban it because of the issues that can be created with it (server lag, noclipping, etc). The same will come of this tool, although the fact that it can’t reach serverside code (from what I have heard, I can be horribly wrong) will prevent some issues.

We just have to be prepared to have people taking the code without asking, and some will use it for learning which is great. The other ones we just need to be diligent and teach that stealing (and using without permission) is not the right road.

Plus, it should be flattering that someone out there enjoys your script so much to learn from it.

Hopefully the good outweighs the bad.

Thank you for the release rbreslow. I know skids are going to take over garrysmod, but who gives a crap. What are they going to do with it anyways. Thanks again!

What non-negative use does this tool have other than gaining access to your own code, which this tool won’t save if lost anyway?

i used it to work out how to fix a problem with a swep

That sounds like nonsense.

you can fix your things with stealing other server’s code. :v: