LuaDocIt - GLua documentation generator

I’m back with more useless and crude-in-usage stuff.
This time, my new project is LuaDocIt - a simple documentation generator for your work.

Usage is fairly simple - all you have to do is add some commented-out parameters above function you want to be taken into consideration during generation of doc.
Right after you hit ‘Generate Documentation’ - a JSON file will be generated and web files (HTML/PHP) required to view the documentation will be copied into your folder.

The documentation can be easily dropped on your webpage and work instantly.


Yet again, source is provided and I’m looking for suggestions on what to add/improve.**

Why not use standard [DEL]LuaDoc[/DEL] generic documentation syntax? You can augment it with stuff like realm.

Something like:

--- Summary
-- Description
-- More description
-- @param p1 Some parameter
-- @param p2 Other parameter
-- @return Some return value
-- @realm Shared
function myfunc(p1, p2)

Well, again - there’s a reason why I called this ‘useless’.
It’s a learning experience for me and somebody might actually have use of it.

I agree with him tho… You are looking for suggestions correct? I think it should be like that it looks better and is just better to understand…

You forgot to sanitize your post dude

Would be good if it used the standard syntax for documentation. And if the side bar had each library, and clicking the library shows the list of functions and descriptions for that library in the main page.