LuaGuard, Admin Alert For Serverside Errors

LuaGuard, Admin Alert For Serverside Errors

This lua prompt a text message when there is a (serverside) lua script error.
It only shows the message to admin… so, the simple players can’t view it.
There is also a sound when the message shows!

Ingame it looks like that

Console Commands
=> LuaGuard_soundenabled (1,0) Enable or Disable Error Sound
=> LuaGuard_adminonly (0=All) (1=admin) (2=superadmin) only show error for a specific rank…
=> LuaGuard_floodlimit (x) For prevent lua errors to flood players, when the same error is detected 5 times LuaGuard says “(Flood) [LuaGuard] ERROR” and the error will be ignored.
=> LuaGuard_printerrors Show errors Logs
=> LuaGuard_purgeerrors Clear errors Logs


This require gm_luaerror by Chrisaster ( included in the zip



Error log file sample:

Thanks to Chrisaster for the gm_luaerror module

Download V1.1 Here

Download V1.2 Here

basicly, you hooked into the lua error module then printed the error to the chat? not the best idea, but nice one anyway :slight_smile: like the coding.

Maybe have all the lua errors save to a log?

Yes Comming soon :wink:

:slight_smile: cool

Instead of using SendLua use usermessages its less expensive.

What’s more expensive - making the file shared, making a clientside file, or using one function?

V 1.2 Relased!



making the file shared ?

lua_log_sv 1? v:v:v

Give credit to chris for the module~

Linux version plz</troll>

Nice that someone else got frustrated too with not being able to see server errors.

And then make it email us.

Nice work :slight_smile:

no, says “This file has been reported” beacause contains a dll file… its for that

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