LuaPad - What is it, and will it help me?

Hi there, I’ve been going around on facepunch a bit looking at gamemodes and tools today. I came acrost something called “LuaPad” which seems like it’s an ingame coding tool.
What are it’s ups and downs?
Im usually used to having Gmod windowed, and coding on a second screen off of NP++ and constantly reloading the gamemode. Would Lua-Pad be a better alternative?

if you’re scripting in gmod 13 you won’t have to reload the gamemode anymore( just saying )

That’s useful. Any more information?

i’ll get you the update link so you can read the changes hold on

-I guess i’m retarded because i can’t find it and it’s like a day later. lol sorry

does it only apply to serverside files?

i’ve seen my server actively change ingame (and crash) with serverside, but clientside i haven’t really seen take affect until restart (granted it still has the ability to crash my SRCDS)

It uses RunString so it’s possible that you might have problems with really large strings of code.

Here’s the link I have.

Luapad is really out of date now though. I was thinking of remaking it, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it anymore.

Yeah, it’s really not worth it. Now, you modify a file, save it and every change is sent across the server and clients. You can get free and awesome editors easily. GMod 13 default graphic mode is windowed. Just ALT + TAB on Windows and you get right on your editor. And don’t forget that the autoreload system is more reliable than overwriting functions and stuff (I’m not saying that some people are not capable of managing this).

I like luapad because it allows me to quickly jot down any quick script I have before I forget.

It wouldn’t be too hard to make a new one. Someone would just have to recode gm_rawio.
All the sending and reloading would already be done.
After file saves -> It’s reloaded.
And if people want a error check - CompileString.
I myself prefer using window mode because I rather multitask.

Seems to me that it’s not worth the effort to keep as a primary coding tool.

I used it ages ago for Derma panels when I Was noob and had to test every line of code I did.

I don’t use it anymore though, it slows me down personally.