LuaSense - Lua Intellisense

Stuff that’s done:
[li]Full support for all default gmod libraries & functions
[/li][li]Options (not pictured) to enable/disable various elements (esp. those images)
[/li][li]Click on the tooltip to go to the wiki
[/li][li]Works in most applications that don’t do text entry weirdly (notepad++,notepad, the windows 7 start bar)
[/li][li]OK just look at the video

Stuff that I’m working on:
[li]Text wrapping in the tooltip
[/li][li]More reliable
[/li][li]More graphics
[/li][li]Other stuff

Stuff that I could do if this was integrated into an actual editor:
[li]Better performance & usability all around
[/li][li]Scanning your code (yes that’s right, your code) for functions

Stuff that will almost probably never happen so don’t ask:
[li]Objects/Tables and their (metatable or otherwise) functions (avector:Function)


my current notepadd++ setup is absolute garbage. The function list on the right hand side doesn’t work and the autocomplete is a pain in the ass.

I would gladly switch to this if you could get function listing working. it makes working on bigger files easier.

Oh wow.

Would love to have this in my Notepad++, would make my life so much easier.


I cannot bare any more time before a release.


Can I have your children, just saying.


Rate OP a heart.

Wow, I would stop :bang: if I had this. Release soon, please!

Hmm this looks pretty cool but how dependent is it on the lua function template of the wiki staying the same?

Also could you do the following :

  • Autocomplete for ENT:, GM: and SWEP: hooks. It’s a static prefix so it shouldn’t be too hard.
  • If possible an auto-complete for certain functions such as hook.Add (Would list gamemode hooks).

Oh and if you’re feeling extremely fancy you could add support for pseudo “doc strings” in the form of comments exactly one line after the function’s declaration. You could then display that in the tooltip for those functions.

1st I can do fairly easily, 2nd I think I’ll rewrite the display logic (oh joy) so it’s less coupled with the current means of watching keystrokes and could work better in an editor. Oh and be less of a disaster.

It looks like it will be fantastic, but I have a bit of a strange request…

In most intellisense systems (That I have used), you have to type out your function, then hit enter, then continue.
In this one, will it be possible to just barrel on past with a ( or something? Because hitting enter after every single function name would be annoying. Sometimes one can’t recall a function name, sometimes one can’t recall whether the number or string goes first.

Anyway, looks like it’ll be a great benefit.

This looks really useful!

Working function-list for you:

Have been longing for something like this.
Looks really good.

I like it. Don’t give up on it like the others.

This looks awesome, Exactly what I could use.
This will probable same me about 50 trips to when coding ( I keep forgetting where to put capitals)

This is epic I want it now!

I’ve never used any sort of auto-complete for LUA stuff. This looks great.

It’s not LUA, it’s lua. It’s a word, not an acronym, people don’t go around saying “Look at the beautiful MOON tonight.”

This looks extremely awesome and please finish it. Also, I read

I’m not sure, but does that mean the thing won’t recognize functions that you have written in the code? For instance, if you write a function in a C++ project in MSVC, and then you do the name of your function later in the code, and hit (, it will show you the arguments for the function. Will this do that, or did the quote above mean that that won’t happen?

It’s Lua, not lua. It is a noun.

awesome! I cant wait for this!

Clarification: lua is a pain to parse (compared to c/++/#) so I won’t be writing anything to parse your file and determin that local variable “mxv” is a color. I might be able to parse user defined global tables (Evolve.doStuff() eg) but probably only if this was integrated into an editor (so I could scan all project files and read unsaved file contents). Until then it’s only predefined libraries (default ones or ones you add yourself-there’s an editor).

Well as long as we can add our own without too much fuss then there’s no real problem. How does this work at the moment then, if it’s not attached to an editor?
I mean, I’d like that in np++, but not for random popups to appear while writing a blog post or whatever.