Lubatron's Darkrp Technical HUD

Welcome to Lubatron’s very first hud.



Full Preview

This hud has various implementations and fun little things that you can spot out whenever you reach a specific number of health.
-Text indicating you do not have any armour (“armor” for american servers)

-Armour symbol for when you actually do have armour.

-Hp symbols changing from negative to positive whenever their health is lower than 100 and over 100.
Lower than 100

Over 100

-Injury warnings when their health has dropped to a specific number.
Lower than 50health

At 20health

I'm no expert at HUD painting so I will take criticism from whoever wants to suggest or recommend anything that should be changed.
Thank you.

I'll make a download link when this is ready to go.

edit; I'd like to give thanks to coding beast and facepunch.
This has been in progress for over a week now.

UPDATE: **26/10/2016**
Changed around salary and wallet to a more fitting design.

Fixed maximum health issue.(Although there's another issue)

How large is this? :v: like on a 1024x768 screen?

Sorry for the late reply;

edit; My monitor is fairly stretched out and had different results, it was a little longer in width size in that case.
So I guess you’d have to try it out on your monitor for accurate measures.

Oh noice gonna use this for sure
Also the money and salary look a bit off

You’re right, I’ll try to fix it when I’m back from school
edit; fixed to a more suitable design