Lube Bath

The speech bubble is written so perfectly for the character.

What the hell is with his head? Its like hes been taken over or something!

hum…what’s up with his bumpmapping?

I tried to recreate the look he had on his v_model arms.

Failed I can see :smiley:

But came out awesome in another sense.

it actually looks good except for the shiny oil that seems to cover him

I think that mysterious, previously unknown liquid could be called… “water”…

Yep, water it is!

Its Lube…

i was talking about the phong effect on the texture…i knew it was lube
hurr durr

Well you didnt say about the phong effect…

That the Scout behind him giving rabbit ears?

It’s the naked medic!

Where did you find the independent medals??

And WOW…shiny!

ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 3 or 4 if i recall correctly

I don’t think… Ooo SHINY!

Did you know that lube is better to use in your hair than traditional gel? It’s so thick that the hair stays that way. Oh, Drama Club. You’ve taught me well.


All i see is Saxton Hale killing people.

(User was banned for this post ("Shit bump." - Seiteki))

Fucking kidding me.