Lucas Kane on the run


How’s the rigging on those models you’re working on?

Any face/eye/finger posing?

I cant do eye/faceposing but it will have finger posing

Maybe you could ask someone to give it a try for you?

bloom overload

It looks like he is doing break dancing…in the air.

You release this pack and I will send you $150, I’m not kidding.

XD sure sure, what would you like? im putting carla in there to,

Carla?! Tyler, Jade (Indigo Child,) Oracle? No seriously $150.

I was planing on putting them all in with all costumes, also I would take money for this if I could XD but I can get in a lot of trouble for selling models

He was joking.

The guy looks gay and like bodenlan said theres too much bloom.

he looks gay? not sure how that helps me =_= and ill work on the bloom next time

I rated optimistic because of the positioning of his hands.

Why is there an NPC?

what a fruit


For some reason it remids me more of the protagonist of Persona 4 than Lucas…
Still if you can get a nice Farenheit pack it would kick ass

The posing sucks and the editing is over the top.

Have an optimistic because it’s Indigo Prophecy


Fear, is that you? You finally stopped rating dumb? Now you delete your screenshots? :3
Was about to say that the models were good but the screenshot bloom raped, but since you deleted it… bleh.