Luck of The Irish: Hungover

I got bored and needed something to occupy my time with, so i basically used zeeky’s and madman’s comic style thing about me. Very original eh?

So yea.

Luck of The Irish: Hungover

**You are Fort, a alcoholic Irish that has no idea what moderation means. Addicted to rum, weed, boobs, and poptarts, you try to make it through this rough world by doing what you want, when you want, who you want. **

** You wake up face down in your pillow, taste of rum and vomit in your mouth and the scent of the same things in your nostrils. The room is a mess, but hey it always is, Nothing new. You have a pounding headache and can’t remember a thing about what happened last night, must have been a good night. well might as well start the day and maybe find out what fun things happened**

What do you do first?

Eat some pizza

First you go and take a piss and then you go into your kitchen
and look for the painkillers and find out you have none, so now
you have to go down to the pharmacy at the corner and get a
box of painkillers.

Drink water in huge amounts


Do something related to your penis.

Go to the bathroom, wash your face, drink some water, vomit once more if you have to, or take a crap(its what I do when I have blackouts :v:)

Check if any of the bottles have anything in them.

Go back to bed, this isn’t worth your time.

Bring madmanmad’s cane back, he cant live more than 24 hours without it !


Drink orange juice. It treats a hangover fantastically cough

Personal experience.

Check your phone for messages.

go back to bed

Play some guitar.

Check your phone cause the screen is lit up

** You notice that your phone seems to be lit up, meaning there is a message waiting**

** You have 1 new text message waiting, who is it from and what do they say?**

It’s from LetsGroove, he wants to know why their is a baby in his bathroom and what happened last night.

It’s from your pal Alekos, he wants to know if you wann go to a strip club.

It’s from your future self warning you to get out of the house.