Lucky Star Konata Playermodel

The title helps you understand this a LOT. Lols. Anyway, I need a Konata playermodel. One that doesn’t need PMod. No extras, just the playermodel that works.

Making two threads about it won’t get it done any faster

I realize that, but
1, I’m new, which leads me to
2, When somebody was whining about it, I figured to put one here.

Lol, being new, I don’t know if I can have the other one locked…

Already made dood.

Link please.

Also, I asked NOT for the PMod one, which means, NOT “Anime Model Pack 1 fix” or whatever…

you can…

and get banned for it…

Pretty simple. Download the PMOD one, put it where its supposed to be. Then, open up note pad and paste this into it:

if ( SERVER ) then
player_manager.AddValidModel( "Konata", "models/player/Konatap.mdl" );

AddCSLuaFile( 'assassin.lua' ) ;

list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel", "Konata", "models/player/Konatap.mdl" );

Save it as konata.lua or whatever, just make sure it has the lua extension.

Put that in your lua/autorun folder and you are set.

This is exactly what I did.

Oh, dear.

singsong Prob-lemmmmmm…
Well, hopefully that one will die out, soon.

I can’t save as a lua extension, just .txt. Heh, plus, I don’t know how I’d put it in.


There, click that, it should help.



Thanks ya.

But again, how would I put it in? Would I just click “New” then “Text Document” and then do that?
Yknow, and save as Lua? Heh.

You could do it that way. I use Notepad++(not the program in the pic) so it has lua as an option, but before hand I just opened notepad and saved the file, rather than going to new>text doc.

Ugh, didn’t work.

Sorry for the trouble, but… I sound so stupid to say this, but could you go over it again, please?

I did what you said and it didn’t work.