Lucky star

ive seen a konata model, but how about the rest?, can someone port them from L4D2?


There’s a Kagami model on Toybox. That’s it, though.

im running my gmod in offline mode, is there any way to download it?

I think toybox is the only way.

-never mind-

hmmmm… there is a site for toybox but it dosent let you download it directly.
thanks anyways

Toybox run’s even in offline mode/single player.
assuming your internet is not disconnected.

Are you sure you own gmod?

yes i own gmod, but when i go to toybox it says its offline or error not found.

Edit* im running my steam in offline mode due to the my garrysmod freezeing before the main menu, somthing to do with my Jihad internet (thanks iraq)
but i remain connected to the internet. im geting the error 9 failed to connect to webpage.

That sound’s pretty suspicious.
i don’t know.
it’s maybe at your end.

i agree, i believe its the allah akbar internet. i dont have problems download form this site or i was just hoping someone whould upload it there.

It would have to be his end. I own a legit copy of GMod as well, and every so often it decides that I can’t access the toybox for some reason. It usually fixes itself after restarting the game, though. It’s just a minor bug.

this happens quite a bit, it either gives me a error 6 or 9.

Only problem with it is that for it to spawn visibly you need to have L4D2, other wise the model is invisible. Why does every other model require a game some people may not have?

i believe the Kagami model was actually ported to toybox. i looked at the files and it dosent seem like it would require L4D2, but i could be wrong.

That’s the one I’m talking about. Every time I try to spawn it, it comes up invisible. Same with the Konota that was released on toybox as well.

yea, i was looking at it on the actaul toybox site, but it didnt show if it required L4D2. someone needs to port them or update the ones on toybox.