Lucy Stillman from Assassin's Creed 1

Not sure if this is an outrageous request or if it’s been asked before.

Could someone port Lucy Stillman aka Kristen Bell from the first Assassin’s Creed?

She’s a turbo babe and I would very much like to see her in Garry’s mod.

Who’s up to the task?

Doubt its possible.
If it was possible, people wouldve already ported from AC, but since no one has, i doubt its possible.

Yes they have.

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AC2 too

Mind giving me a link to said AC2 ports?

the .forge file is something hard to crack, dont remember if they did or not, or if they just ended up using 3dx ripper

It’s messy as hell inside those archive, hard enough as it is finding a soldier in those files.

Dang…Color me disappointed.

It’s possible to get the models. I got it out once. The archives are just a massive mess and most of the models are a few levels down so there’s a lot of guesswork associated with the whole thing. Also the model comes out as OBJ only.