Luh (Experimental and a bit surreal comic strip)

This is an experimental and a bit surreal comic strip that I created some time ago.

It nearly fifty screenshots. Since the forum does not support this number of images in one message, I decided to combine all into one big strip and split it into two parts.
1st part here
2nd part here

Also, you can download a .cbr file here and distribute it to those who are interested in such things. But do not forget the copyright :slight_smile:

I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Should I post on the forum like comics?

This is pretty cool, Also is that a human hunter model?

A simple reskin.

If you don’t mind could you post it?

[sp]It’s alright if you don’t want to.[/sp]

Sorry, I deleted the files, but you can do it yourself - a simple conversion to black and white.

Holy fucking shit that was good.

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I mean I don’t even understand it but I love it.

That one’s my favorite.

How did you do those effects!? Freaking brilliant!

Now the real question is: If you keep looping the picture then who ends up with the flower?

It’s neat, but I didn’t enjoy it too much.

The concept was cool, but I think it requires a special mindset.
I scrolled through it, examining the pictures; but I only scrolled through examining the pictures.
It is cool, but it didn’t capture me; in part I blame my mindset.

Creepy. And kind of funny when you see it goes on forever.

Effect is made in the Akvis Artwork.
This is actually an interesting question. The story has an end, but not in this comic.
Something like a spin-off.

I thought you dude officially abandoned your stuff, and suddenly you post this.

Great work, I like your comic with that cosmonaut best though. Post it too!

Hey hey!:smile: First I have to translate it, it will be difficult. But I will try to.