Luis Fernando Lopez and Johnny Klebitz

:siren:I relise there is already a model of luis on, however, it has citizen phys., mitten hand posing, and no faceposing.:siren:

I would like it if someone were to port Luis and Johnny from their respective episodes, With bodygroups for each of luis’s clothes (and fight clothes, where he takes off the jacket of what he’s wearing), Johnny, however, only has one pair, so theres no need, unless you want seperate skins for his unused pants skin and his 2 seperate jacket skins, if someone were to do this, i would apreiciate it, as i want to use these for poses.


I would seriously love this

By any chance, I would love if they ripped the pimp ped from The Lost and Damned (from Shifting Weight) with his pimp coat and suit with all textures

Oooh, and maybe some other peds and cops.

And phones, and other objects.

GTA IV has a lot of useful random crap.


Maybe brucie too, could be useful for poses or making like a shortsleeved/shirtless versions of characters for poses.

I dont know.

Bumpity Bumpity Bumpity Bump.

You’re welcome.

Oops, didn’t notice you didn’t want the luis model.

You ah…didnt have to link me to the others, i already have 'em.

i have the smds that ghilliebacca made.


hey ghillie post a link to those smds

Bump, bump bump.

i and many people have requested the Episodes from liberty city Luis, and they come so far but never finshed.

Yeah, also, if anyone does this, could you do it like the niko one? with the bodygroups for shoes, shirts, and pants? so he isnt restricted to his ingame costumes only.

Well Dean made an TLAD ped model, its the only ped from EFLC made so far for Source Engine:

Its the only TLAD model I have seen so far made.

Dean got my respect.

GTA IV and its episodes have a lot of useful crap for posing.

Klebitz going to be awesome :smiley:

Speaking of which, why is his appearance so drasticly changed in TLaTD anyway?

Maybe because his last model wasn´t detailed?

The beta model was gonna be the same as GTA 4 one


Hi, could someone email me a a pic of JOhny’s jacket? I tried to download the imagepacks but it said I didn’t own Gmod. Khx

The hell? what are you talking about?

He’s obviously mentally disabled.