Lumberjack courtesy... Chop the little trees

“He’s a Lumberjack and he’s OK…” - MPFC

Since ALL trees provide the same wood count (750), I suggest taking down small seedlings and keep the big trees in the forest as landmarks for our journeys.

I prefer clear cutting the entire island :wink:

I like being able to cut down any tree, but the numbers could be balanced some. 200-300 for the tiny saplings, 750 for the medium size, 1200 for the large oak-like trees, and 1800-2000 for the big pines.

I’m certain they’ll balance the resource amounts according to size at some point. I think recently they were more worried about just getting trees spawning and working without slowing the server to a crawl. Its something I’ve noticed as well, so I’m sure the devs are already on it or are at least aware that getting the same amount of resources from the trees regardless of size doesn’t fit with the reality aspect of the game. They’ve already got that system in place for animals. Different animals drop different ratios of items, so its definitely doable.

God damn tree hugger! Get a job hippie!

This logic is backwards. You chop the big trees because they’ve lived a long life, and leave the little ones so that they can grow and provide more wood than before.

speaking of which, can anyone confirm if those saplings “grow” into full trees? i’ve never bothered** not **chopping them down, but always been curious if it’s part of tree respawn;)

I’ve noticed big trees where before I had left small trees. Whether or not they grew bigger or somebody else cut the little ones down and big ones spawned in their place I don’t know.

Now that ya mention it, I’m curious as well.