Lump wtf?

Ok guys so steam recently updated G mod for me and now i can’t join any servers i tried to un-install re-install deleted my addons, turned down graphics, made sure my fragmentation was 0%. I just don’t know what to do anything that can help would be appreciated thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


ite now i un istalled steam and reinstalled it along with g mod now it crashes all the time also when im joining a server after it retrieves the info when usually you’d see some pics that the server put there or the default giant G i see Failed to load page for some reason don’t know if that help.

System Specs? Addons (if any)?

  1. I deleted all my addons, 2. im not sure i never rlly had to post my specs before so here ya go. Operating System: Windows vista Home Premium (6.0, Build 6,000) System manufacture Dell inc. System model: Insperion 531 BIOS: oC)Phoenix- AwardBIOSTeDell System v6.00PG Processor: AMD Athlon ™ 64x Dual Core Processor 4000 + (2CPUs), ~ 2.1Ghz. Memory: 2046MB RAM DirectX Version DerectX 10 I don’t know if this helps but my graphics card is a Radeon HD series 4350.