L'un espion saharienne


C&C please =)

I’m French and I can’t even understand what the title means. Put it back in english.
Anyway it is fine, blood on the knife could use some work.

French I translated by Google so that I myself don `t know what it says sorry xD

So… tell us what you typed in the google translator?

It means “The Saharan Spy”.

I don’t know how Google Translator could fuck it up so hard. :v:

Well, if you tried to say “The Saharan Spy” it’s translated to “L’Espion Saharien” in french.

“A Saharian spy” = “Un espion saharien”
“Cheers from the spy” = “Salutations de l’Espion”
“The Spy” = “L’Espion”


Good pic.

Oh thank you all for lesson of French xD
And I apologize for my mistake =)

worst translation ever

seriously,you should NOT use Google Translator,if that’s what you used…

I still like the picture

Isn’t Saharienne the female form? :stuck_out_tongue:

As to the picture - it’s decent, I just seem some odd pixelation on the top of his hat.

cool point

im not french so i dont care about the misspelled title.

The picture’s nice, the Spy looks badass.