Lunar - a sleek and beautiful theme for notepad++


**What is Lunar? ** Lunar is a new, beautiful theme for notepad++. It also supports syntax highlighting for most gmod13 libraries, as well as the mysqloo and gm_navigation modules.

**Why should I use it? ** If your tired of the default old windows themed notepad++ then you should try this out. This theme also supports much more highlighting than the old gmod lua lexer theme.

How do I install? Check the instructions.txt file included.

Hey, not every library is fully highlighted! This is the first version, I only added highlighting to what I, and most people would most likely use in the initial release.

**Does it support highlighting for other languages besides LUA? ** Of course, I added highlighting from another theme. I did not make the themes for them though, so you will have to experiment a bit to see if you like it.

Will you make another version? Depends, if people like it, and request more content I might.




-changed the color of the library functions (originally dark purple)
-changed the color of strings (originally dark gray)
-changed the color of enumerations (originally a dark yellow/green color)



-Changed nearly all of the colors. To see the difference just view this
-Adjusted the background brightness. If you want more contrast, just set the theme to Deep Black after you install and set it to Lunar.
-Overall, much easier to read in my opinion. I chose new colors that suited the priority of the text. For instance, since global functions are very important, I made the brightness much higher than other highlights.



-If your skeptical of the highlighting looking a little dark and blurry, it’s mainly just the quality of the picture I posted; The actual theme is a bit brighter and much better looking.

-Will probably add more highlight support for popular modules if this version does better than the last one.

Installation Issue

-This will overwrite the default LUA theme! Not quite sure how this happens. I wrote this theme the same way the others were, but for some reason this will override the default one, just fair warning.

-There is one bug with installing where the text has a white background that looks like this

To fix it:

  1. go to Settings >> Style Configurator

  2. go to “Global Override” >> in the second column check “enable global background color”

Feel free to request changes, I just hope you guys like it.

Looks good, but I’m not a fan of the gray and purple.


The purple is hard to distinguish from the black. enumerations also don’t suit that color of yellow.

Ok, I updated it, I hope you guys like it better now. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.


Why thank you kind sir.
where do I go? how do I set it? I tried googling for ages

i put instructions with it, but just put “Lunar.xml” into C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++ hemes, restart notepad ++ and it should show up in the dropbox above that picture you showed me

I don’t think text backgrounds are working right for me :v:

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I went through and edited the background color for each text-type and now it looks normal.

Damn, ok I got that same problem while making it. To fix it just:

  1. go to settings >> style configurator

  2. go to “Global Override” >> in the second column check “enable global background color”

Don’t know why it does that, but I exported the theme with that box checked.

This theme looks almost identical to the default “Deep Black” theme.

Sexy shit here. I liek it. Im using it right now.

Yea, I used that as a base. I changed around all the highlight styles and added highlight support for lots of library functions. Everything besides lua is the default Deep Black theme.

Its pretty nice. But did anyone notice if you use this theme for just a few minutes then switch back to normal. The normal one doesnt look anywhere near how it did before you used this theme?

hmm, it shouldn’t overwrite the default theme, If someone who hasn’t installed the theme yet, they could send me the default one, and i can rename it so people could change back.

It doesnt overwrite anything. Just stare at this theme for a few minutes. Then switch to the old one. You’ll see what I mean.

Yea, I see what you mean.

Ok, I just finished the next update. I don’t know how many of you guys will care (if any) but I spent over five hours tweaking and deciding what colors would compliment others to make the best possible theme I could (in my opinion). If nobody cares whatever, I think it looks good, but if anyone is still lurking around this thread who either somewhat enjoyed the last version, or is on the fence about downloading it, I hope my hard work this time around will be enough to redeem myself. I admit my last couple of versions were an eyesore, but I think I really made a difference this time. So please facepunch, before you rate this dumb and move to another thread, you should try this out if you like these types of editors. I promise it won’t disappoint.

Oh and one more thing, can someone send me a PM with a download of the default gmod lua style (should be in %appdata%\Notepad++\plugins\config\GmodLua.xml), that way I could add a theme to the zip so people can go back to the original if they want to. Just make sure you send it before you install this theme.

Looks very nice. I was looking for a “sublime” flavored theme for NP++. Thanks!

Is it possible to keep the highlighting but change the theme? I don’t like the colors, but the highlighting is useful as fuck.