Lupin the 3rd

Given the small fanbase of this franchise, I know this request is a REALLY huge long shot, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask anyway since this mod doesn’t currently exist.

I’d like to see ragdolls of the PS2 version of Lupin the 3rd. (And if possible, the other four main characters as well)
Or something similar. I’m not picky. So long as I can work with it.
Again, I know the chances of this actually being done are slim to none. Especially since this was a game based off of an anime.

I just thought I’d lay the request out for it just in case.

I’m not sure how a modeler would go about porting ragdolls from a PS2 game to Source or if it’s even possible.

Well, I’ve seen Nintendo characters made into mods.
If a direct port isn’t possible, then I’m not gonna sweat it.

Typically if it’s something like this a modeler will make and rig a model from scratch using the pictured character as reference. I remember this turned out pretty nicely with Scout’s mom in TF2 so a set of Lupin models wouldn’t be impossible. I just have my doubts that they can be quickly and easily ported across platforms and engines.

Then again I’m not a modeler so I wouldn’t know.

Holy jizz nostalgia.


lol, That’s really funny.
Not the best by any means, but I’m happy just to have something resembling Lupin. XD

Thanks for the link!
rushes off to download it right now