lxf file on gmod

how do you get an lxf file(such lego digital designer file) on gmod?

Can Bricksviewer or Lego Digital Designer export to .obj or anything like that?

Also from that article, it is a compressed format of 3 different file types

http://filext.com/file-extension/MODEL (3rd one down)

http://www.workshop3d.com/cybertoys/legoexp.htm (conversion info, can’t find a link to the lego exchange program though)

http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/lxfml (that one can be opened in a text editor)

thanks that you wanted to do this for me

Are any of those links useful though? Have you managed to extract anything from the files?

in one of those links was a link to a tool that converts all files to all files


…and the tool is fake…:frowning:

Why would there be something that can convert all files to all files @.@ maybe text to text or image to image… (wasn’t any viruses was there? as I didn’t see that when I was on it, sorry I didn’t check it more carefully and warn you :frowning: )