Lycan Werewolf

Searched for new links for it. Found nothing :frowning:

Can someone rehost this?
Preferable with the textures which are needed (from some chickmodel if I’m not mistaken) but where missing from the former version hosted.

And yeah. It has a lot of pubichair. We all know that.


The chickmodel = Soria

I suffered a few hard drive crashes in past few weeks, so I no longer have the model. If no one else has it, I can ask my neighbor to send it to me, I’m pretty sure he still has it.

Need it, badly :frowning:

oh god, if this gets re-hosted we will have furry porn everywhere…well, its true…

Bullshit, its too big and hard to pose for anything like that.

This model is on the S-low Site.
Let me get you a link…

There, but please dont do anything furry-type with it… Dont make me regret that I gave you this link :v: