Lycans in the style of Underworld.

Pretty flexible, can be both bipedal or quadrupedal. Jaw is ragdolled. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

looks awsome

Sexeeh! Did you modeled this yourself? If so, great job! Keep it up!

Wanna put him in the suits.
Suggestion and question too: Is his eye can blink?

When there is a time I see a lycan eating what used to be a human being on the floor, is when I grab my self one of these.

But otherwise, great modeling!

Got another one?

We can go furry hunting…

filefront o others please ?

Looks good, but I have the uncanny feeling I’ve seen this before. Weird.

Holy fucking shit, this model leaves the other one we have in shame.

This is a must have.

I converted that other one from VTMB, but was never too happy with it. I think this is pretty much the perfect middleground in terms of werewolves.

Personally I think it needs a tail. But thats just a tiny gripe. Looks loads better then the other Werewolves.

I tried to make them resemble the Underworld werewolves, which had no tails.

It isn’t the TES 4 : Oblivion Werewolf from a mod, converted and edited?I’m not sure.
Anyway , Edit or fullmodelling,it’s pretty nice… We need a Player model!

I really hope thats a random google image, cuz people who own guns that aren’t cops or something like that should really seek out help.


Weapons aren’t just for killing people, they could be used for target practice or for hunting…there is nothing bad about them aslong as they are in the correct hands…

Target practice? Seriously, get a decent hobby.
Hunting? Go buy the food at the store! Hunting is for fucked up retards, I especially hate those morons who don’t even intend on eating the animals they kill.

Besides, why would you go hunting with a friggin shotgun? I am no hunting expert, but wouldn’t a rifle be better and … cleaner?

You gonna shoot fast moving birds with a rifle?

Why would you shoot birds?

filefront or others please ?

Nou, only, that keeps the pirate away :slight_smile: