Lyra Plush Model

(Have some more copypasta.)

Yes, if you can’t tell, this is a 3D version of the infamous Lyra plush. What good is it for? Lots of things!

You can use it as slippers, a horn warmer, a beer cozie, mittens, spike protectors, a mailbox, a butterfly net, a wallet, or anything else you can think of! (Collision is poor, so use the nocollide tool).

Foxox (modeling) ( )
Me (porting) ( )

Original QC and SMD are included in case anybody wants to make a better collision or ragdoll it.


Hug, snuggle, love it.
we need more random stuff like this. Just for having them. None of those silly COD, Battlefield, WAW, or anything related military trash. Its getting old. More random stuff like monsters and fluffy things.

Puppet pals in GMod? Puppet pals in Gmod.

Thanks, mate.

By god

Lyra feet

We always need more stuff created from something other then a game.

Good work.

Oh my god, I was going to say that a few hours ago.

I love you.

Agreed :smiley:

Hahaha awesome.

For those of you who don’t get why this is so terrifying, look here.

ah so thats what that hole was for!!
YAY PUPPETs they should make more of those puppets.

Now that Know Your Meme explains pretty much everything… Is this “crazy” as the Tails Doll? Because I came here listening to a The 7th Guest Medley composed by The Fat Man and Team Fat

Nah, this is stupid and disturbing compared to the *real *harp-player plus Hashbro’s versions which *don’t *come with anything extra. I remember a mugshot with her expressing her disgust to “something” offscreen.

I would have given you 1 Internets for this awesome plaything but sadly you actually lost it for uploading it to… I wanted to download this but that site is down yet again. Please for future downloads, use media fire… Thanks… As soon a is up I will download it.

I will now use this in my screenshots until someone makes a slipper model.