M Bison dosent appear

i added the legacy addon like you suppose to and change the info txt. to the addon txt. and it still dosent show and is invisble. help anyone plz

Uploaded 1049 days ago

Gmod 12

garrysmod.org is down right now so I can’t see what files are in it, but if it’s just a model with materials, you could just throw the models and materials in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder afaik.

i have done that but it still invisible, and garrysmod.org is back up if you wanna see the file

You don’t have to change the info.txt to addon.txt anymore, both work.
Just saying.

no matter if it is info txt. or addon txt. it still show up invisble

There’s a file in the models folder named M.DYSON, which apparently has changed the file form into .DYSON, which I’m not sure even exists.

Perhaps that’s at least part of the problem. It troubles me, however, what the file originally was.

Change M.DYSON to M.DYSON.phy the uploader seemed to forgotten to proof check his release

Already tried that, didn’t work for me, just turned the otherwise invisible and untouchable ragdoll into an effect

guess we lost 1 of the last 2 “Decent” street fighter characters, what a shame

Not really, most of the files are still intact, I’m pretty sure someone could patch him up

The solution to this would be to simply rename and hex the model. Of course, all files within the models folder must be renamed from M.DYSON to M_DYSON. This means that the mdl file must be hex-edited with XVI32 to work properly.

could someone attempt to fix him or who would the best to fix him