M. Cheetonutz is a Mr.Hacker (with vid evidence)

http://www.twitch.tv/apolloz/c/2612599 - Taken from livestream, sadly i cover my chat but i can list the conversation.

Him calling me a glitch abuser (even though as you can see i killed him legit)
me typing back and telling him to suck it bitch
he kills me with hacks
I say Reported
He laughs and logs out.

In the video i ask my friend to teleport, this is not hacks this is referring to using /do unstick, which would send him straight from our house to near to where i died.

Reasons why this was not a legit kill:

  1. Unlike in the video, he actually killed me with an MP5A4 but even if it was an M4, 1 shot doesnt kill with either vs wearing full Kevlar. Even a headshot at point blank range would not do enough damage to 1 shot me.
  2. How did he loot a gun, and teleport right back to where i was in the space of around 30-45 seconds?, when he does not unstick from the same area we do.
  3. why when i said i have video evidence, would he log out straight away?

end result, this butthurt kid who flames everyone in chat daily found some hacks.

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Maybe you should’ve read the sticky and used this thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1279498

Oh my…

I did not know of this mystical report thread, but by the amount of complaints stacked up on there, i guess the admins have their hands full also it seems i cannot delete this post… GGyouwinthisroundforums.

Because you didn’t read the sticky at the top of the Rust subforum.