M-Galaxy pattern Lasgun.

Well I noticed a few people have been making Imperial Guard themed screenshots with those Crysis soldiers recently so I thought of the idea of getting my friend to help port that lasgun model from DOWII over, so she did it.

I hope you guys like it.

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] M-Galaxy standard pattern Lasgun of the Imperial Guard.

[tab]Includes:[/tab] A lasgun

[tab]Credits:[/tab] Wraithcat for actually porting this request for me.

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://filesmelt.com/dl/lasgun.rar[/release]



Enjoy all.

Sweet :love:

Great, I hope some one dose a fancy new texture for it though.

Yeah its low rez from the port, but we’re gonna work on a update soon hopefully with a body changer of skins and de-bayoneted models.

I’ll try to remake the thing in higher res and make an actually good spec map. But might take a while to be honest.

Thank God. I was wondering why there were so many 40k poses but nobody has done a lasgun port yet. Top shelf!

I love it, but is it just me or does it look a tad small?

I compared it with other guns, it just has a small guard at the end which makes it appear small.

Just I better use HL2 combine weapons

Friggin’ finally. Have my imperial babies.

What kind of jaded bastards would give you dumb ratings for this?

“It isn’t high-res enough! Therefor its worthless!”


They’re only ratings to be honest, if people want it higher resolution they can simply just mention it, though we’re in the progress of releasing a more sterotypical lasgun skin, also some versions without a bayonet on the end, cleaning up the light beam too.

The model is boxy as fuck (is it supposed to be that way?) and the texture makes me sad panda. :expressionless:

I thought this was for my request. :saddowns:

The guy has a really nice face.

Well its ported from a RTS game, go figure.

Looks too small.


And texture is weird.

Oh, guess what I just saw as an adverstisement:


Spehss Mahreen!


I saw it at the bottom of this page :v:

I don’t even…



Ohhh… When I seen it was finished the animation and looked totally unrelated. :v:

The stock looks too small. With a new texture and a better stock it would be fucking epic. Still, Good job.

May I request for more Dawn of War 2 models?