M-Gun V1 Realesed

Hi all :smiley:

Me and my brother just, came up whit a new gun called M-Gun (M for Melon)
This gun can be found here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=72705

Many of you, might say is look alot like the HAAX Sweap, and i agree :slight_smile:

The M-Gun just went out so if any of you, got any bugs/request/notice, plzz contact me on: muffin.4.life@hotmail.com. And tell me all about it.

  • MandZ

Well, in my opinion melons are much funner than computer screens. Ah… the good old SPLASH
I’ll give it a try.

Ahh :smiley:
Good to hear xD

There are millions of melon throwing weapons out there.
Why do we need another one?

What do you prefere??

Creative SWEPs that don’t take two seconds to make.

I see :stuck_out_tongue:
But i dindt make in a day i spend about a week :S
Different person different taste :smiley:

  • MandZ

PS. Do you got any ideas for my next creation ??

A gun that fires sodacans that are on fire and moves in a hexagon pattern.

We have something called private messaging on this forum.

Do not sign posts…

Yeah… Never sign posts. People who sign posts are stupid dicks.