M.S.C Prejudice

This is the M.S.C Prejudice. It is a ship I have been working on. I am yet to add life support or wire (I will add to this Thread when I am done). I just wanted people to say freely what they thought about it so far

I want to see that thing moving.

First of all, this should be in contraptions forum.

SBEP is one of the things you should not use in your contraptions if you were planning on posting it here.

It looks like there is alot of gaps in between each prop.

I would have suggested it be a better place to post it in the main SBEP thread.

Contraptions is up there bro ^

Nearly Finished on the wiring, I will try and post it in the right place next time. Thx for being honest :slight_smile:

Two weeks and you havent finish that contraption?
God, I’m glad I choosed to be a poser :v:

2 Weeks Trying to figure out how to use an advanced Gyro-Pod


I don’t know how to move the thread. :frowning: