M-tank (for lack of a better name) Mk. 1

This is actually my first thread in this area of the forums, but far from my first contraption. Ive seen too much of this place to post my first contraption.

Here is the tank:

Another view:

It’s kinda-sorta based off this tank here, the “Renault”:


feedback would be nice, if people like this one, I might post some of the stuff I make in the future!

EDIT:alrite, that should fix the pics

That is one sexy tank, It reminds me of that tankette posted here a while ago.

Yeah, mine was partly inspired by that one.

moar steampunk

Wow good job

Awesome. Love the astetic.

Thanks for the feedback so far.

I would recommend changing the color its to rusty and that’s about it good job!

well, I was kinda going for a “rusty WW1 machine” look. I might change the color of it if I use that material in the future.

I have a request, quit making everything look so fucking awesome, makes my stuff look like shit. Incase you can’t tell that was an indirect compliment to the fucking awesomeness of the tank

It’s sure as hell better than my stuff.

lol, I guess my debut on the contraptions area was a success.